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Butler Call Systems
Wireless Butler Call System:

Employing the latest in touch screen technology and using wireless networking the Wireless Butler Call System is state of the art and offers a much wider choice of features than others on the market today.

The frontend application is totally customisable, putting you in control of what the system displays and can be easily tailored to suit a wide variety of menus and options.

The design is simple and intuitive making calling and ordering from the menu system an easy experience for all.

UK's leading supplier of Butler Call Systems
Low cost Butler Call Systems
Using Wireless networking allows installation in virtually any office environment without the need for expensive cabling. It also gives the advantage of not being tethered to any wall point, reducing the risk of accidental damage.

The frontend application can be run on any device with a browser, this includes PC's, ipads, smartphones and tablets. All they require is an internet browser and a WiFi connection.

The backend application or "Kitchen Monitor" is a windows based application that can be run on a very small specification PC or server with the main monitor either touch screen or mouse controlled.

Key Features:

Simple and Intuitive to use

Using wireless networking technology

Used on any device with a browser and WiFi

Fully installed and supported from RBS Electronics

Butler Call System 10 Channel
Venga Systems: Executive Butler Call Systems.

Based in Dorset, U.K., Venga Systems is a Designer and Manufacturer of radio controlled Butler Call Systems, along with Home Office Approved wireless switching and paging systems for both domestic and industrial use, such as alarms and lighting, Control of Automation and Access Installations.

Venga Systems also specialises in the design and manufacture of Bespoke Executive Butler Call Systems which combine both visual and audio facilities, enabling users to call for assistance and service at any time.

  Butler Call System Customers that we have been proud to supply include, Goldman Sachs in Geneva, Johannesburg, London, Madrid and Paris, Daily Telegraph, Norwich Union, ANZ Bank in London, Nestles UK in Croydon, along with a host of others.
Butler Call System 8 Channel
Venga Butler Call Systems
  For further details and specifications of a Bespoke Butler Call System, or any other customer specific application using our Wireless Technology Solutions. please contact RBS Electronics using the information on our contacts page.

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