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Bernstein Products Supplied
  Bernstein Products Handled by RBS Electronics
Plastic Bodied Limit Switches, C2, Ti2, I 88 & Biggy

Metal Bodied Limit Switches, GC I & II, SN 2, ENM 2 & D I

Foot Switches (1, 2, & 3 Pedal versions) F1 & F1 UN, F2 & F2 UN, F3 & F3 UN

Plastic Bodied Interlocking Safety Switches: SKT, SKI, SKC / SK, ENK...VTU, SLK

Metal Bodied Interlocking Safety Switches: ENM-VTW GC-VT, SLM

Safety Switches for hinged guards: I 88 VKS / VKW, GC-VKS / VKW, I 88-AHDB

Safety-Hinged Switch: SHS

UK Supply of Bernstein Products European Supply of Bernstein Products
Rope Pull Safety Switches: S / Si, SR, SiRK

Emergency Stop Switches: SNA

Safety Relays: SCR

Float Switches

Sensors, Inductive, Capacitive & Photoelectric

Light Curtain, Light Barriers

Safety Switches: ENM-AHZ

Worldwide Supply of Bernstein Products
UK Supply of Bernstein Safety Products European Supply of Bernstein Safety Products
Magnetic Switches

Enclosures, ABS, Polycarbonate, Polyester, Aluminium & Stainless Steel

Suspension Systems both Aluminium & Stainless Steel

  For a complete list of Bernstein products supplied by RBS Electronics please visit Bernstein Safety Products Website

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RBS Electronics Ltd is a multi-facited supplier of electronic components to trade and consumers alike. We have the flexibility and supplier partners to source all your requirements, ranging from CPU coolers to micro switches. We are the leading UK supplier of multi functional Butler Call Systems.

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We have built our reputation on delivering high quality electronics, working in partnership with a variety of major suppliers. We are focused on supplying a range of top quality electronics at an affordable price.



The success of the service provided by RBS Electronics Ltd is built upon the enthusiastic & highly motivated management team, complimented by resourceful and committed suppliers.